52 Best Places to Find LOVE signs in Virginia along I-64

For more than 50 years, the Old Dominion’s slogan has been “Virginia is for Lovers.” Not only will you see this slogan as you enter the state, but on many of the license plates and at over 400 Love sign locations across the state.

Many communities, businesses, and individuals have become a part of Virginia’s growing LOVEworks project. The only requirement is to create a sign, mural, or sculpture with the four simple letters L-O-V-E.  Even though these signs all say love, each one is different and showcases the area’s great outdoors, landmarks, agriculture, community, and local resources.

Vacations Market LOVE sign Virginia

With so much negativity in the world today, the LOVE signs remind us to LOVE a little more. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate.”

So, as we begin to put on our traveling shoes again, pack your bags for the week, weekend, or just enjoy the fresh air for a day and explore the Love signs from New Kent, through Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. 

Have a blast exploring new territory as you take the roads less traveled and pay tribute to communities throughout the state as we travel along I-64 from I-295 to the oceanfront. 

You really do not have to go out of your way to see at least a few signs along your route as you enjoy a weekend excursion to the beach, amusement park, or a historical landmark.  On your next trip, make it a scavenger hunt to find the LOVE signs along your route.

Buckle up and start checking those signs off your list as we pass 52 LOVE signs.

New Kent Visitors Center LOVE sign in Virginia

12 Love Signs Near Me in New Kent and Williamsburg

New Kent Visitor and Commerce Center

  • Address: 7323 Vineyards Parkway, Quinton

A visit to New Kent County means golfing, horse racing, time on the water, and plenty of grapes for a glass of wine.  The New Ken Visitor and Commerce Center combined these four basics of New Kent life into their LOVE sign.

East Coast Gateway Virginia Welcome Center

  • Address: Interstate 64, Milemarker 213, New Kent, VA 23124

Stop at the welcome station to stretch your legs, grab a snack, hit the bathroom, and take a picture at the 8 foot tall, 16-foot long LOVE sign before continuing on your Southeast Virginia LOVE vacation.

Colonial Downs + Rosie’s Gaming

  • Address: 10515 Colonial Downs Parkway, New Kent, VA 23124

Head to Colonial Downs during racing season to watch the thoroughbreds fly around the LOVE sign in the infield.  However, if there is no race going on, you can still see the LOVE sign out front.

Norge Elementary LOVE sign in Virginia
credit Carol Young Dudding

Norge Elementary School

  • Address: 7311 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA

In front of Norge Elementary’s entrance, you will find a painted school-themed LOVE sign.  The L showcases a ruler and eraser. Give your teacher an apple to show how much you love her is depicted as the O. A crayon and notebook paper form the V.  They formed the E by painting a pencil, paperclip, thumbtack, and a watercolor paint set.

Waller Mill Park Virginia LOVE sign

Waller Mill Park

  • Address: 901 Airport Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188

At the 2,705-acre park, you will find hiking trails, a reservoir with a boat launch for fishing, boating, a scenic picnic, a dog park, and an 18-hole disc golf course.

With a park that encourages you to enjoy the fresh air and nature, The Williamsburg Parks and Recreation fashioned a very creative LOVE sign for the park.

L – Disc golf basket and frisbees

O – Dog Park

V – Kayaks

E – Buoys

The park costs $2 to enter by car.  However, if you are just going to snap a picture or two of the LOVE sign by the boat dock, take your ticket to the boat rental window and let them know.  When we visited, they validated my ticket, so I didn’t have to pay.

Lazy Daisy Virginia LOVE sign
credit Stacey A Hill

Lazy Daisy

  • Address: 3032 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA

The Lazy Daisy is the new home for the large LOVEworks sign that use to be at the Williamsburg Yankee Candle.  When I visited in May 2021, the letters were still outside but pushed together against the building, not displayed.  Before stopping, you may want to contact them to see if the sign is ready to be photographed.

Second Sundays Williamsburg LOVE sign VA

2nd Sundays Williamsburg

Address: 515 Prince George Street, Williamsburg, VA

Be a part of the monthly LOVE sign creation at the 2nd Sundays Williamsburg street fair along a four-block stretch of North Boundary Street.  The festival runs on the 2nd Sunday of the month from March through December from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

There will be plenty of vendor booths during the festival to explore, live music, and plenty of chalk to help design the monthly LOVE display.

Colonial Williamsburg Regional Visitors Center

  • Address: 101 Visitor Center Drive, Williamsburg, VA

Inside the Visitors Center, there is a shelf made from the L-O-V-E letters.

As of May 2021, the Visitors Center was temporarily closed.  Call before stopping unless you are going to visit Colonial Williamsburg.

Emily's Donuts Love Sign VA

Emily’s Donuts

  • Address: 7123 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg, VA

Stop in for one of Emily’s delicious donuts or see the LOVE banner made with donuts on the side of the building.

Extraordinary Cupcakes

  • Address: 1220 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA

As you walk inside the bakery, they have a small LOVE sign on a shelf on the right wall.

160 John Rolfe Lane Williamsburg VA LOVE sign

Private Residence

  • Address:  160 John Rolfe Lane, Williamsburg, VA

Find the painted wooden letter and hula hoop LOVE sign along the fence at this house.

Quirks of Art in Williamsburg VA LOVE sign

Quirks of Art

  • Address: 3449 John Tyler Hwy., Williamsburg, VA 23185

Metal artist Don Drumm created the 8-foot-tall steel sculpture that stands along John Tyler Highway at the Virginia Capital Trail 2.5 milepost.

Park in the parking lot behind Spoke & Art Provisions Company.  Then walk through the yard or on the trail around the business to the LOVE sign.

Crossroads Community Church in Yorktown LOVE sign virginia

6 Newport News And Hampton Love Signs

Crossroads Community Church

  • Address: 1420 Lakeside Drive, Yorktown, VA 23692

Crossroad Community Church has a large LOVE sign in front of their building created from wood ,and their church logo forms the O.

Virginia Living Museum LOVE sign

Virginia Living Museum

  • Address: 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News, VA 23601

While visiting the LOVE sign here that showcases otters, the Earth, a tyrannosaurus head, and an array of flowers, stop and enjoy this fantastic museum.

There are indoor and outdoor exhibits to check out, including the swamplands, coves, inlets, and even a great glass-enclosed beehive.

Take the self-guided walk through the nature gardens full of flora and fauna, which leads you along a boardwalk that crosses the wetlands to the mammal and bird exhibits.

City Center at Oyster Point

  • Address: 701 Town Center Dr #100, Newport News, VA 23606

At Town Center in Newport News,  you will find a conglomeration of restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, and condos surrounding the 5-acre lake with a fountain in the middle.

The LOVE sign with the double N for Newport News overlooking the lake is at Town Center Drive and Fountain Way. 

This sign’s decorations change throughout the year, so make sure you stop more than once to take in the beautiful view.

Armstrong School for the Arts LOVE sign in Virginia

Armstrong School for the Arts

  • Address: 3401 Matoaka Road, Hampton, VA 23661

The Armstrong School for the Arts created their LOVE sign out of what they know best.  A paintbrush and paint palette form the L and O.  The six colors in the paint palette represent the students at the school in each of the six grades. The V’s drama mask signifies the theater students while the E highlights the school’s musicians through the musical note on the E.

Hampton Roads Convention Center LOVE sign in Virginia

Hampton Roads Convention Center

  • Address: 1610 Coliseum Drive, Hampton

In front of the 344,000 square feet convention center that houses 35 event spaces, you will find the L-O-V-E letters you came to see.

The letters offer hits of the Hampton community through fishing nets, NASA rockets, and ways to enjoy the area waters.

Mango Mangeaux LOVE sign Virginia

Mango Mangeaux

  • Address: 33 E Mellen Street, Hampton

On Mellen Street in the Phoebus section of Hampton, you will find the mango-themed SPREAD LOVE sign along the sidewalk seating.

Stop in to dine at the ABC’s Shark Tank featured restaurant with their Mango Mango Preserves on Sundays for their brunch or Tuesdays for their special Tuesdays for Two.

However, whenever you stop, make sure your order comes with their delicious “Mango Mango” mango preserves.

16 Southside Hampton Roads Love Signs Near Me

Norfolk International Airport

  • Address: 2200 Norview Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23518

As you wait for your baggage to arrive or pick up loved ones at the airport, get your first of many LOVE pictures at the “Love is in the Air” sign.

The LOVE sign is at the Arrivals Building between doors 1 and 2 at the bottom of the escalator and right inside the parking garage doors.

Lafayette Park

Address: 3500 A Granby St., Norfolk, VA 23504

A local Eagle Scout created the Lafayette Park’s LOVE sign from pallets, bricks, and bamboo.

To make this LOVE sign complete, someone needs to stand in the middle of the O, which is a human sundial. 

To get to the sign, which is next door to the Virginia Zoo, take the zoo entrance and turn left into the parking lot for the playground.  Drive to the end of the parking lot.  The love sign will be just ahead on the right.

Private Residence

  • Address: 2429 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA

At the corner of Tidewater Drive and Lindenwood Avenue, this private residence has a sign along the south side of Lindenwood Avenue. 

If your timing is right, you can sit at the red light and take a picture of the sign from your car.  Then again, you may have to circle the block a time or two.

25th Street Warehouse

  • Address: 509 West 25th Street, Norfolk, VA 23517

On the 25th Street warehouse side, you will find a bright yellow mural that states, “Spread LOVE It’s the VA Way!”

Norfolk Retail Alliance LOVE sign Virginia

Norfolk Retail Alliance

  • Address: 838 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

As part of the 2018 NEON Norfolk Festival, award-winning artist Scott Walker created the four-sided mural entitled “ExtraVAganza” on the Retail Alliance garage.

The mural which wraps the building celebrates local small businesses and their contributions to the neighborhood and city.

Visit Norfolk Store on Maine Street LOVE sign Virginia

Visit Norfolk

  • Address: 232 E Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Just inside the front doors of Visit Norfolk, you will spot a small LOVE sign through the breezeway windows.

Continue inside the shop for various travel literature and information for the surrounding area.

To see the sign, you need to visit during business hours.

Olde Towne

  • Address: 14 Crawford Parkway, Olde Towne, Portsmouth, VA 23704

Along Portsmouth’s waterfront, you will find the perfect place for a family photo at the LOVE sign.  The sign design by Irving Wolff and Orlen Stauffer, both of Portsmouth, includes the city logo, an anchor, water, and a sailboat.

In the background of your picture, you will have the Tidewater Marina and Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.

The kids will love to become the sunny O’s face.

Bunkner Plaza LOVE sign in Virginia

Buckner Plaza

  • Address: 3208 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

On the side of the Buckner Plaza, you will find the American Sign Language LOVE mural showcasing the diverse culture of Virginia Beach tourists and locals.

The sign also depicts Virginia Beach’s strength and vitality through difficult times.

Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center

  • Address: 341 S. Birdneck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Are you looking for a pet to adopt? Head to the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center to find a furry friend to take a picture with at the LOVE sign on the front lawn.

If you do not need a new pet, think about bringing one of the ones you already have to join you in the picture.

The kids will love standing behind the O to make it look like they have bunny ears.

Stravitz Sculpture and Fine Art Gallery

  • Address: 1217 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

At Stravitz Sculpture and Fine Art Gallery, you will find sculptor Richard Stravitz’s studio, which is open for exploring.

In front of the building, you will find the LOVE Each Other sign that features the bronze wings of Stravit’s well-known “Wings of Grace” angel.

Their sign is to encourage all to do just what their sign says.

Virginia Beach’s ViBe Creative District

  • Address: 700 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA

At the corner of Cypress Avenue and 18th Street, you will find artist Chesley De Leon’s 3-D LOVEworks creation.

The sign letters feature:

  • L – A paintbrush and rainbow to depict the vibrant arts district along with the ViBe logo.
  • O – Virginia Beach’s 35 miles of coastline is symbolized through the sun, waves, and sand.
  • V – The diversity of Virginia Beach shines through the rainbow peace sign.
  • E – Showcases the Town Center section of the city.

Barrel 17

  • Address: 1706 Mediterranean Avenue, Virginia Beach

Painted on the side of their building is a VA is 4 Lovers – Virginia Beach mural showcasing Town Center, Cape Henry Lighthouse, and the many hotels along the oceanfront.

Community Fence in Virginia Beach VA LOVE sign
credit Todd Coburn

Community Fence

  • Address: 617 18th Street, Virginia Beach

Along the 600 block of 18th Street, you will find a row of fencing in which community members have painted individual sections. 

Two sections have a LOVE theme.

  • Lead with LOVE
  • Jimi Hendrix quote – “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

Surf and Adventure Company

  • Address: 577 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach

As you head to the southern shores of Virginia Beach along Sandbridge Road, you will pass by the Surf and Adventure Company on your right. 

Besides checking out the terrific LOVE sign made of kayaks, surfboards, a beach umbrella, stop in to see how they can put a little adventure in your vacation. 

Sign up for one of their kayak, bike, or paddleboard tours or pick up equipment to take an adventure on your own.  They also offer Surf Camp and lessons.

Red Mill Elementary School

  • Address: 1860 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach

At Red Mill Elementary School, they just want to say they love you. With three stacks of Solo drink cups and a chainlink fence, they spelled out

Reserved:  U.

WE             U.

SK8 House

  • Address: 600 S. Lynnhaven Road, Virginia Beach

The LOVE sign at SK8 House is about 12 feet long and features four-foot-tall block letters made of metal gridding.  You will also see an extensive collection of locks secured on the letters to represent different couples’ eternal love for each other.

This sign was initially located in the Granby Station Food Hall and still showcases that location’s logo in the middle of the O.

712 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach VA LOVE signs

9 LOVE Signs in Virginia Beach along the Boardwalk

LOVEwork at the Shack

  • Address: 712 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

To get a view of this Under the Sea LOVE mural, head to the backyard party deck of The Shack.  The mural faces 8th Street and can be seen from the upper decks of the 9th Street Parking lot (enter from the corner of 8th Street and Atlantic Avenue).

While at The Shack, try one of their Virginia Beach Orange Crushes.

Dough Boy’s Pizza at 17th Street

  • Address: 1700 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

When in 11th grade, Kathyrn Woliver of Virginia Beach entered her artwork entitled “The Soul of Virginia Beach” that depicted the culture and lifestyle of Virginia Beach into the Atlantic Avenue Association’s “LOVE! On Atlantic” Art Contest. 

Today you can see her LOVE artwork portrayed on the side of Dough boy’s Pizza.

2406 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach VA LOVE sign

Atlantic Avenue at 24th Street

  • Address: 2406 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Sophia Avellaneda was in 8th grade when she entered the “LOVE! On Atlantic” Art Contest. You can now see her winning “Down By the Waves” LOVE letters along Atlantic Avenue.

The three-D letters feature:

  • L – The 24th Street sign
  • O – The American Sign Language sign for I love you
  • V – Two surfboards
  • E – A heart drawn in the sand at the oceanfront
Dough Boys LOVE sign - 3224 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach VA

Dough Boy’s Pizza at 33rd Street

  • Address: 3224 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Sierra Clark, an 8th grader, was the third winner of the Atlantic Avenue Association’s Art Contest “Love! On Atlantic”. 

Her work entitled “Sunrise On Atlantic” is featured behind Dough Boy’s picnic tables along 33rd Street. As you look at the LOVE letters, imagine those early morning hours as the dark starry sky begins to fade and the golden glow begins to form at the horizon as the sun rises above the water.

Harvest LOVE sign - 1718 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach VA

Harvest Restaurant

  • Address: 1718 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA

The Harvest Love mural is located along 18th Street.

The Sweet Spot

  • Address: 1718 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach

NOTE: Must visit during business hours

Nightmare Mansion

  • Address: 2008 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach

Oceans 14

  • Address: 1401 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach

Head to the Boardwalk and sit in the LOVE Adirondack chairs.

Vacation Market LOVE sign in Virginia

Vacation Market

  • Address: 1608 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach

Along the southern side of the building, you will find their two-part LOVE mural.

Chesapeake LOVE sign in Virginia
credit Hollie Rinschler

9 Others Love Signs Near Me in the Hampton Roads Area


  • Address: 306 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322

NOTE: The sign is located in Courtyard Square Park behind Chesapeake City Hall.  The best spot to park is at the end of Conquest Drive.

Charles City Courthouse Road LOVE sign
credit Tone Handy

Charles City County

  • Address: 10900 Courthouse Road, Charles City, VA 23030

Panda Homestead

  • Address: 23332 Felton Drive, Capron, VA 23829


  • Address: 108 2nd Avenue, Franklin, VA 23851

The Hubs Vine

  • Address: 1459 Armory Drive, Franklin, VA 23851

NOTE: Must visit during business hours.


  • Address: 228 Main Street, Smithfield, VA 23430

SummerWind Vineyard

  • Address: 71 Eagle Nest Lane, Smithfield, VA 23430

NOTE: Must visit during business hours.

Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts

Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts

  • Address: 110 West Finney Avenue, Suffolk

NOTE: Must visit during business hours.

Heritage Park LOVE sign in Virginia

Heritage Park and Joel C. Bradshaw Fairgrounds

  • Address: 21311 Courthouse Highway, Windsor

NOTE: This sign is located where Courthouse Highway intersects Bracey Circle and Henry H. Bradby Trail.

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