50+ Crazy Virginia Love Signs Near Me in Richmond VA

Visiting the LOVE signs across Virginia makes a fun and very inexpensive activity.  As you travel across Virginia, see the various organizations, businesses, and citizens who have created one-of-a-kind L-O-V-E signs that often represent their business or location. 

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

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How to Share the LOVE

Whether you just visit one LOVE sign or you make a serious road trip of all of them, Virginia would love to see your adventures. 

Post your pictures along with the location so others know where to head on Facebook – or at using the hashtag #LOVEVA.  If you get the LOVE bug, check out www.Virgnia.org/LOVE or the LOVEworks group on Facebook for additional information and locations.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Richmond LOVE signs

In the Richmond area, you will not have far to travel to be able to snap a selfie or two of you with a love sign since there are nearly 50 signs in the vicinity.

With Richmond only being about 100 miles from Washington, D.C., it makes a great day trip, a stop on your way to Virginia Beach, or as you travel south down I-95. 

Below we have planned out four simple routes to see all 50+ of the LOVE signs north, south, east, and west of the state capital.  So, grab the kids, significant other, friends, or enjoy a peaceful drive by yourself as you check off these LOVE signs off your bucket list.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

10 Love Sign Richmond to Doswell – North

J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College

  • Address: 1651 E Parham Road, Richmond, VA

As a joint venture between the Engineering Technology students at Sergeant Reynolds and the National Association of Women of Construction, they erected this LOVE sign to highlight the engineering, construction, and workforce development programs at the college.

They used the following building materials to construct the LOVE sign.

L – Brick

O – Plexi-material with the NAWIC logo

V – Wood

E – Aluminum

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Lakeside Farmer’s Market

  • Address: 6110 Lakeside Avenue, Henrico, VA

You will find the colorful LOVE sign on the fence near the bike racks at the popular Lakeside Farmer’s Market. 

Fruit crates form the L, while the O is an apple, and the E is a slice of watermelon.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

SB’s Lakeside Love Shack

  • Address: 6935 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA

SB’s Lakeside LOVE Shack is the perfect place to begin your day with a delicious breakfast or enjoy a break for lunch. But, before heading inside, snap a picture or two of the LOVE in the window or on their signs.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

  • Address: 1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens staff welcomes you to the gardens with their LOVE sign.

The sign represents significant aspects of the gardens through the letters.

  • L – Wooden planter with flowers
  • O – Beehive to signify the importance of pollinators
  • V – Recycled garden tools
  • E – The Earth represents how the work done at the Botanical Gardens helps our Earth

NOTE: You must pay the admission fee to see the LOVE sign.

Eat Kitchen and Catering

  • Address: 10400 Leadbetter Road, Ashland, VA

You need to visit Eat Kitchen and Catering during business hours to see their beautiful lit LOVE sign mounted on the wall.

While there, grab a box lunch or two for the road.

LOVE SIGNS in Ashland Virginia

Hanover Department of Community Resources

  • Address: 12310 Washington Highway, Ashland, VA

The Hanover Youth Services Council 6th – 12th-grade students and volunteers constructed this sign to commemorate the 300th birthday of Hanover County.

The letters represent unique features throughout the county.

L – First Responders

O – Hanover tomatoes

V – Agriculture, Community, Volunteerism

E – Learning tools for a super educational system

This sign will be on display through at least November 2021.

Ashland Virginia LOVE sign

Ashland Train Station

  • Address: 112 N. Railroad Avenue, Ashland, VA

Take a walk to the historic Ashland Visitor Center/Train Station, where you can snap a picture of the LOVE sign. Be sure to capture the Ashland train stop sign as well. This historic location showcases Ashland’s history of traveling by train.

NOTE: If the area is under construction during your visit, head to Town Hall at 121 Thompson St, Ashland, VA.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Kings Dominion Campground

  • Address: 10061 Kings Dominion Blvd., Doswell, VA

After spending the day riding the rides at Kings Dominion, camping at the Kings Dominion Campground, or just passing through, be sure to visit the beautiful LOVE sign at the campgrounds that highlight all your favorite amusement park sights.

  • L – The Intimidator 305 – the park’s tallest roller coaster
  • O – Soak City – the waterpark within the park
  • V – the wooden Rebel Yell coaster and classic carousel
  • E – fireworks exploding over the Eiffel Tower replica
Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Meadow Event Park

  • Address: 13111 Dawn Blvd., Doswell, VA

The Meadow Event Park has two LOVE signs to see.

The original LOVE sign highlighting Meadow Stable’s well-known history of the horse racing world is near the barn where Secretariat was born.

Fence posts from Meadows Stables, the home of Triple Crown champion, Secretariat, were used to form the letters.

L – painted in blue and white for the stables

O – painted with a checkerboard pattern to represent the jockey’s silks

V – horseshoes

E – painted in the stable’s blue and white colors

Revealed in 2021 as part of the Drive Smart “Love Clicks” campaign, the second sign encourages safe travel and a reminder to buckle your seatbelt through the L-O-V-E letters.

While visiting the sculpture, you may add a Lock of Love to the O.

NOTE: The LOVE signs are only accessible during the week from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and during weekend events.

Castle Glen Winery LOVE sign in VA

Castle Glen Winery

  • Address: 18185 Narrow Path Trail, Doswell, VA

Inside Castle Glen Winery, you will find a mosaic LOVE sign hanging on the wall.

Bethia United Methodist Church LOVE sign in VA

20 Love Sign Richmond to Petersburg – South

Bethia United Methodist Church

  • Address: 10700 Winterpock Road, Chesterfield, VA

This cute love sign made of wood, a spool, and an upsidedown ladder encourages everyone to Love your neighbor as yourself.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Trinity United Methodist Church

  • Address: 6600 Greenyard Road, Chester, VA

Colonial Heights High School

  • Address: 3451 Conduit Road, Colonial Heights, VA

The Colonial Heights High School LOVE sign, a permanent fixture on the front landscape, was created by art teacher Mickey Alderson. It showcases pride in both CHHS and the US stars and stripes.

Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum LOVE sign in VA

Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum

  • Address: 880 W Roslyn Road, Colonial Heights, VA

For vehicle enthusiasts, a stop at the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum in Colonial Heights may be on your list, but you will also want to head to the museum to see an excellent LOVE sign.

The LOVE letters at this sign genuinely represent what you will find inside the museum. 

  • L – parts of a steel engine
  • O – massive tractor tire
  • V – 2 exhaust mufflers
  • E – oil barrels
Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Hopewell-Prince George Visitor Center

  • Address: 4100 Oaklawn Blvd., Hopewell, VA

The Love sign that graces the Hopewell-Prince George Visitor Center showcases the best of the Hopewell-Prince George area.

Built to look like pilings at the four local marinas, the L even has a seat built-in for you to sit for your picture.

The O, created from a pipe flange to look like a giant gear and two ears of corn supporting it, represents the agricultural and industrial businesses in the area.

Made from a corrugated metal signifies the waves of where the James and Appomattox Rivers come together.  Over the V is a fish jumping.

The strong military presence is represented through the painting of the stars and stripes on the E.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Clark’s Auto Care Center, Inc.

Address: 3290 Prince George Drive, Prince George, VA

LOVE in Petersburg

In Petersburg, Lamar Johnson and the Petersburg Community Volunteers have made it a mission to spread LOVE throughout the city by creating themed signs. They hope the displays encourage others to overcome the negativity in today’s world and LOVE the Petersburg area.

To date, they have erected 14 signs, with most of them showcasing a themed message.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Lupus Awareness

  • Address: 948 E Wythe Street, Petersburg, VA

This LOVE sign across from Kim Motor Company, Inc., gives all those diagnosed with Lupus a shout out not to give up and hope

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Friends

  • Address: 632 Graham Road, Petersburg, VA

The Friends LOVE sign encourages people to be friends since life is always better with a friend beside you.

Unfortunately, this sign at the corner of Graham Road and South Crater Road is very close to a bustling intersection, so be careful when taking that picture.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Peace Always

  • Address: 2 N. Jefferson Street, Petersburg, VA

Find the red PEACE heart with the decorative black and white designed L, V, and E across from the S & J Car Wash where North Jefferson Street and East Washington Street intersects.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Autism Awareness

  • Address: 25 W Wythe Street, Petersburg, VA

At the Oak Street AME Zion Church, you can see the Autism LOVE sign.  Here LOVE proclaims that yes, it is ok to be different.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Address: Corner of Halifax Street and Byrne Street, Petersburg, VA

Across the street from the House of Restoration Church at 210 S Market St, Petersburg is the LOVE sign that promotes Breast Cancer awareness and hope for a cure.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Black History and TBC

  • Address: 550 Farmer Road, Petersburg, VA

The Third Baptist Church offers visitors a chance to see not one but two love signs.

Beside the church parking lot, you will see their own yellow LOVE sign with the three crosses behind it.

Their property is also the site for the Black History LOVE sign that encourages pride, unity, knowledge, and dignity while honoring the past and inspiring the future.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – VSU Trojan Pride

  • Address: Corner of Grove Avenue and University Blvd., Petersburg, VA

Across the street from the Benedict Civic Club at 500 Fleet St, Petersburg, VA 23803, you will find the VSU LOVE sign that shouts out pride for the Trojans.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – City Employees

  • Address: 1017 W. Washington Street, Petersburg, VA

The LOVE sign along Route 1/ Business 460 makes sure to thank all of the dedicated city employees.  This sign is across the street from the Harvest International Full Gospel Baptist Church.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – The First Love

  • Address: Corner of Dunlop Street and Lee Avenue, Petersburg, VA

Near 829 Lee Avenue, you will find the first LOVE sign the Petersburg Community Volunteers erected.  Even though it is simple and unthemed, its message still straightforward – LOVE.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Peabody Alumni

  • Address: 723 Wesley Street, Petersburg, VA

At the Peabody Academic Learning Center, the Alumni erected a LOVE sign to share their love for their alma mater and to keep their memories alive.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Defeating ALS

  • Address: 1021 Halifax Street, Petersburg, VA

The Defeating ALS LOVE sign sits at the edge of the Metropolitan Baptist Church’s parking lot, where it proclaims courage and commitment to winning the battle and defeating ALS.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – Fire Safety

  • Address: Corner of Halifax Street and Custer Street, Petersburg, VA

Near the entrance to Cool Spring Elementary and 1498 Halifax St, Petersburg, you will find several fire safety tips.

  • L – Get out! Stay out!
  • O – Change smoke alarm batters every six months
  • V- Fire Safety
  • E – Stop, Drop, and Roll!
Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Petersburg – PHS Spirit

  • Address: 2001 Johnson Road, Petersburg, VA

Outside of Lee Memorial Park and near the Peterburg Department of Parks and Leisure Services parking lot, you will find Petersburg High School’s love sign that is full of school spirit.

  • L – Respect your teachers
  • O – Love reading, writing, and math
  • V – Stop bullying and be positive
  • E – Love your school
Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

7 Love Signs – Richmond East to New Kent

Virginia Executive Mansion

  • Address: Capitol Square, Richmond, VA

NOTE: This sign moves around and is not always at this location.

Main Street Station

  • Address: 1500 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA

A visit to the Main Street Station in downtown Richmond offers visitors a place to catch the Amtrack train, visit the art gallery, get all your questions answered at the Virginia Welcome Center, and to see the LOVE sign.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Richmond Raceway

  • Address: 600 E. Laburnum Avenue, Richmond

A visit to the Richmond Raceway is the perfect place for a photo opportunity, and if your timing is right, you can catch a race.

The race-themed L-O-V-E sign created by the RIR staff is completely themed, starting with the letter bases made from the metal used to create SAFER interior retaining walls around the raceway.

  • L – NASCAR Spring Cup Series Goodyear tires
  • O – is decked out in a checkered flag design
  • V – racing helmets
  • E – NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series car sheet metal

NOTE: This sign moves around the raceway, so call to check the sign’s location before you visit.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

MOD Pizza

  • Address: 7001 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA

Grab a pizza at MOD Pizza and take in the black and white Virginia is for Lovers mural that encourages you to Enjoy the Journey.

Starry Night Events

  • Address: 7080 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA

New Kent Visitors and Commerce Center

  • Address: 7324 Vineyards Parkway, New Kent, VA

A visit to New Kent County means golfing, horse racing, time on the water, and plenty of grapes for a glass of wine.  The New Ken Visitor and Commerce Center combined these four basics of New Kent life into their LOVE sign that is just off the I-64 interstate.

East Cost Gateway Rest Area – Eastbound

  • Address: I-64E – Mile marker 213, New Kent, VA

Stop at the welcome station to stretch your legs, grab a snack, hit the bathroom, and take a picture at the 8 foot tall, 16-foot long LOVE sign before continuing on your Southeast Virginia LOVE vacation.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

18 Love Signs – Richmond West

Love Evolve #2

  • Address: 1106 Hull Street, Richmond, VA

At the Hull Street location, you will see one of the several Evolve murals throughout the state.  This one features pink and white L-O-V-E letters on a red background that stretch the length of the building.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Private Residence

  • Address: 4202 Riverside Drive, Richmond, VA
Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA


  • Address: 101 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA

On the exterior of the building, notice the “Love is the boldest brand” banner.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

VCU – Shafer Dining Hall

  • Address: 907 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, VA

NOTE: The LOVE sign is only on display during February.

Visual Arts Center of Richmond

  • Address: 1812 W. Main Street, Richmond, VA
Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA


  • Address: 14 N. Allen Street, Richmond, VA

The wooden fence at this building offers visitors a geometric VA is for LOVERs pastel design.


  • Address: 1903 W. Cary Street, Richmond, VA

The LOVE well quote is on a gated door to the left of the restaurant.  Stop in and dine well, as the sign indicates.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Johannas Design Group

  • Address: 1901 W Cary St, Richmond, VA

Behind the Johannas building, you will find a wooden fence along  South Granby Street.  Here you will find the saying “We are lovers” surrounding an outline of Virginia.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Love Evolve #1

  • Address: 2225 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA

At the corner of Grove Avenue and Strawberry Street, look up at the blue wall to find a mural full of L-O-V-E letters. This is one of two evolve murals in the city.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Richmond SPCA

  • Address: 2519 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA

Four vertical banners hang along the Rhoadmiller Street entrance to create the pet-friendly LOVE lives here display.

Reservoir Distillery

  • Address: 1800 Summit Avenue, Richmond, VA

In 2019, Ed Trask created the Reservoir Distillery’s LOVE mural, the first in the city.

The colorful geometric design symbolizes the industrial streets with the many lines of communication and power that bring residents, artists, entrepreneurs, and visitors of all colors to this area.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Mosaic Catering

  • Address: 3001 Cutshaw Avenue, Richmond, VA

Check out the window display for a little bit of LOVE at Mosaic Catering.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Tang and Biscuit

  • Address: 3406 W. Moore Street, Richmond, VA

Not only can you and your friends enjoy a relaxing or not so relaxing game of shuffleboard, but you can also find a little LOVE inside.

NOTE: Since the sign is inside, you must go during business hours.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

MOD Pizza

  • Address: 8671 Quioccasin Road, Richmond, VA

When in the mood for pizza, head to MOD Pizza and enjoy dinner and a quick photo opportunity at the MOD LOVE and It’s Cool to be Kind wall graffiti artwork.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Regency Square Mall

  • Address: 1420 N. Parham Road, Richmond, VA

Art of Wheels created the 18-feet high and 16-feet long LOVE sign in the Regency Square Mall for the shopping center’s 40th anniversary.

The artwork design was created by riding paint dispersing tricycles over the plywood letters.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Rise Biscuit and Donuts

  • Address: 11561 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA

You will find the pedestaled L-donut-V-E sign on display along the driveway on the left side of the building.

Hilton Resort and Spa – Short Pump

  • Address: 12042 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA

NOTE: This love sign is not a permanent one.  It makes an appearance or two here throughout the year.

Virginia LOVE signs - Richmond VA

Private Residence

  • Address: 8200 Gwinnett Road, Richmond, VA

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