Quick Guide to the Fairmont Washington D.C. Santa Suite

Step into one of the most elegant and festive spots in the Nation’s capital to spend the holiday season. While we love this line of hotels across Canada, the Fairmont Washington, D.C is where every kid in the District knows to see the “Big Guy” in the Santa Suite.

Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

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What you need to know about the Fairmont Santa Suite

There are a lot of questions when you are visiting the Santa Suite, like:

  • Where is the Santa Suite?
  • When to visit the Santa Suite?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do you wear to meet Santa?
  • Should you bring anything to the Fairmont?
  • How long do you get to be with Santa?
  • Where is the Fairmont Washington, D.C. Georgetown parking?

Trying to orchestrate the perfect Santa experience is stressful, so we’ll answer as many of your questions as possible. No one wants to feel unprepared or have their little cherub turn into a Grinch, right?

Don’t worry parents, there is a lobby bar and hot cocoa station at this Fairmont hotel in case you both need a pick me up. The Fairmont is always looking out for us.

Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

When to visit the Santa Suite

The Santa Suite is open Saturdays and Sundays in December from 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. Simply walk into the main entrance of the Fairmont DC, and one of Santa’s helpful elves will escort you to see Santa in his suite.

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What to bring to the Fairmont DC

You don’t have to bring anything to visit Santa at the Fairmont DC. If your child has a list, they are encouraged to bring it. The elves also have special Fairmont postcards so children (and adults, I guess) can write to Santa in the lobby.

Santa does write you back at the Fairmont, which is a bit of an extra spin on the letter writing you will find at other Santa experiences. You will have to supply your address though. This Santa is good, but even he needs a little help with a self-addressed notecard from time to time.    

Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

Things to do when you visit the Fairmont Santa Suite

  • Write Santa a letter
  • Mail your letter in the special Santa mailbox (no postage necessary)
  • Enjoy complimentary hot cocoa in the Fairmont lobby while you write to Santa
  • Adults can purchase holiday cocktails from the bar while their children enjoy hot chocolate.
  • Take photos at the lobby Santa set up (Santa not included, but his chair is there to sit in)
  • Sit on Santa’s lap for photos
  • Tell Santa what you would like for Christmas
  • Sample a number of different Christmas cookies made by the Fairmont pastry team (Free to eat! Try the frosted Capital building cookies and the tiny meringues. Although the kids said the powdered chocolate balls were the best.)
  • Pop into the Elves room where they help Santa get ready to meet the children.
  • Sneak into Santa’s bedroom where he sleeps while staying at the Fairmont.
  • See who is seated at Santa’s holiday table. To say we would like to be invited to Christmas dinner is an understatement (hello Queen Elsa!)
Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

How much does it cost to visit the Santa Suite?

The Santa Suite at the Fairmont DC is free for anyone to visit. There are no pro photographer fees if you want a photo with Santa either. You can bring your own camera or simply use your mobile phone.

There is a collection box if you would like to give to Horton’s Kids, a local nonprofit, but it is not required.

This is simply one of the many ways that the Fairmont likes to celebrate many local Washington traditions and welcomes the Washington DC community, not just guests, in capital style.

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Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

Do I need to tickets to see Santa?

Yes. While you don’t have to pay, you do need to sign up on Eventbrite to save a spot to see Santa. This is more for crowd control purposes than anything else.

We did not see tickets strictly enforced when we visited in early December. No one asked us for tickets, but the closer you get to Christmas, the more likely you will need to show that you signed up.

It’s free and easy. Just click HERE for your Santa Suite tickets to hold your spot on a specific day.

Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

What to wear to meet Santa

There is no dress code to meet Santa. He accepts all boys and girls just as they are, whether they wear seasonal dresses or black t-shirts with rainbow tights. However, the Fairmont Washington D.C. Georgetown is a luxury hotel, and the décor does show this off.

If you would like to match the setting, feel free to get dressed in all of your finery. Just know that jeans are acceptable.

How long do you get to spend with Santa?

Each family is allotted 15 minutes to chat with Santa and poke around the Santa Suite on the 9th floor of the Fairmont Washington DC hotel (yup, that’s the Fairmont Gold Experience level). You probably won’t need that much time.

Most children, especially little ones, are just fine saying hello, telling Santa what they want, tolerating mom and dad (and lucky aunts) taking a few photos, and then going to explore the cookies.

Yes, there are cookies that you are allowed to eat in the Santa Suite.

Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

Will you be in the Santa Suite by yourself?

No. The Elves bring groups of 10 people up at a time to visit the Santa Suite. This may sound like a lot of people, but it really isn’t. Think of it this way—it’s about two families of four to five people spread across three hotel rooms.

Everyone remains civilized, takes turns exploring the suite and getting their photos with Santa. The Elves are in constant contact to make sure there are no crowds, keeping some people downstairs in the lobby writing letters to Santa, while others are upstairs with the “Big Guy.”

Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

Tips for visiting Santa at the Fairmont DC

  • Visit Santa early in December before the mad rush to get time in with the him. You will want your kids fresh and happy to see Santa before they max out on “holiday cheer.” It can and does happen.
  • Try to squeeze in naptime before you visit Santa whenever possible. Toddlers will be much more likely to smile for your photos.
  • Feed your children before you come. Hungry kids = cranky kids. Give them some protein and a little fruit before you release them into a sugar-filled cookie winter wonderland. If you forget this golden rule, have no fear; the Juniper Restaurant has light nibbles and full meals available throughout the day.
Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown Santa Suite

Parking at the Fairmont DC

Valet parking is always available at the Fairmont Washington, D.C. Georgetown. If you visit the Fairmont DC Santa Suite on Sunday, parking is free on the street. Several parking garages are also available within a two-block radius of the hotel.

Use the ParkingPanda.com app or SpotHero.com app to grab the cheapest parking garages within walking distance of the Fairmont.

Take the DC Metro to the Fairmont Washington, D.C. Georgetown

Foggy Bottom Metro Station  

  • Take the escalators to the street level.     
  • At the top, turn around and walk away from the escalators.     
  • Make a right onto 24th Street, NW
  • Cross M Street. You will see the Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown will be on the left-hand corner.

Dupont Circle Metro Station  

  • Take the Circle South exit.     
  • Walk south on 19th Street, NW.     
  • Turn right on N Street, NW.     
  • Left on 24th Street, NW.     
  • You will see the Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown on the next corner on the right

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