10+ Frightening Baltimore Haunted Houses that Will Freak You Out

With zombies around every corner and killer clowns on the loose, these are some of the scariest haunted houses in Baltimore and beyond.

These are not the haunted houses of our past when a person with a mediocre mask jumps out of a cardboard coffin. Haunted houses today are at their scariest with unparalleled lighting and effects, Hollywood-level sets, realistic props, and actors that will terrify you with one look alone.

Kims Krypt - Haunted House Maryland
credit Kims Krypt

Prepare to be frightened at any one of the following annual Halloween Baltimore haunted houses (and across the region that are worth the drive).

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The Nevermore Haunt

  • Address: 450 Mott Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 | Website

Their website alone will give you chills. Open every weekend during the month of October, The Nevermore Haunt knows your deepest and darkest fears – and will use them against you. There is a haunted house filled with demons and monsters, but they also have a bizarre sideshow performance that you’ll surely remember when you’re trying to sleep later that night.

The handcrafted Halloween attraction is different every year and is one of the most realistic haunted houses in Baltimore I’ve been to.

Bennett’s Curse

  • Address: 7875A Eastpoint Mall, Dundalk, MD 21224 | Website

Bennett’s Curse Haunted House is a locally owned and operated small family business that is also popularly known as ‘Krampus in the City’ because of their equally scary Christmas attraction.

Every October, Baltimoreans flock to this highly-ranked haunted house to get their fix of the unnaturally spooky. The haunted house has different sections such as Sanction of Insanity, Inferno 3D, and Legends of Halloween.

Don’t get locked up in their torture dungeon because you may never get out.

Laurel Haunt- Haunted House Maryland

Laurel’s House of Horror

  • Address: 935 Fairlawn Ave, Laurel, MD 20707 | Website

Built inside of an abandoned movie theater, Laurel’s House of Horror is one of the largest indoor haunted house experiences in the DMV. All of your senses will go into overdrive as you make your way through 28,000 square feet of fear-inducing exhibits with clowns, ghosts, and all your favorite movie icons looming around the corner.

For an even scarier experience, go on a lights-out night when you’ll be thrown into the pitch-black abandoned theater with nothing but a glow stick.

Kims Krypt Haunted House Maryland

Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill

  • Address: 5932 Colonial Valley Rd, Spring Grove, PA 17362 | Website

With five attractions spread across 60 acres, the hour-long drive from Baltimore to Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill is definitely worth it. While the main event is the Haunted Mill, other attractions such as Maws Crazy Maze and House of Eyes will leave you terrified.

Walk the Terror Trail which winds through the dark and scary woods at your own risk.

Field of Screams

  • Address: 4501 Olney Laytonsville Road, Olney, MD 20832 | Website

Field of Screams is rated the #1 haunted attraction by Washington Post. There are four attractions, and you can pick and choose which one to do or get a combo ticket and do them all – which I highly suggest!

The Trail of Terror is my nightmare come true – you roam a haunted forest without knowing which monsters await you. Go on the Hades Hayride and end the night screaming in the haunted Lusion Manor.

Cornstalkers Trail of Terror

  • Address: 11765 St. Linus Drive, Waldorf, MD 20602 | Website

Based on the story of a farmer who slowly lost his entire family on that very land, the Cornstalkers Trail of Terror brings the haunted history to life and proves that the rumors you heard are true.

You’ll hear their cries, see the people around you disappear before your very eyes, and will eventually end up at The Asylum – where they are always looking for new patients.

Ravenseye Manor - Haunted House Maryland

Ravenseye Manor Haunted Attractions

  • Address: 8778 Jordan Rd, Fairplay, MD 21733 | Website

Take a walk through the Carnival of Souls, a 3D blacklight experience that you will never forget before you end up at Ravenseye Manor. The house is haunted by ghosts of its past, all of whom want you to join them forever. If you do manage to get out of their clasp, you’ll have to make it out alive through the dark corn maze – where the scarecrows await.

Bedlam in the Boro

  • Address: 4224 Main Street, Lineboro, MD 21102 | Website

Thank goodness Bedlam in the Boro is hosted by the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department because they’ll hopefully take you to safety when you’re in danger – won’t they?

The terrifying haunted hayride takes you to a house of horror worse than anything you can imagine. Keeping your arms and legs inside the wagon won’t guarantee that pig-face monsters and insane killer clowns won’t get you.

Legends of the Fog

  • Address: 500 Carsins Run Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001 | Website

Legends of the Fog is every horror movie you’ve ever watched come to life. There’s a haunted hayride, a hotel you may never leave, a haunted maze that people have gotten lost in forever, and a slaughterhouse, which lets you experience a whole new level of fear – especially on black out nights.

Don’t worry about the slaughterhouse because there’s a chance you’ll never even make it past The Farewell Hotel.

Jason’s Woods

  • Address: 179 Stehman Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603 | Website

For over 35 years, Jason’s Woods has offered unparalleled horror and excitement in the thick woods of Lancaster. It starts with a hayride from hell and horror never stops – even as you go through the Grinder and the Wrecking Machine.

It’s so awful that Haunt Rater called them the “#1 Haunted Trail in America”. You’ll be taken into the deep, dark woods but there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get out.

Halloween Eastern State Pen

Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary

  • Address: 2027 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 | Website

This last one is two hours away from Baltimore, but it is definitely worth the drive – what’s scarier than spending Halloween night inside the haunted cell blocks of Eastern State Penitentiary?

The entire prison is transformed into 15 different attractions from haunted houses and immersive walkthroughs to live performances and themed bars – which you can enjoy if you make it out alive. There’s even a speakeasy in Al Capone’s former cell!

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