Practical Information for a Day Trip to St. Clement’s Island Museum

When you need to out of the city, but still want to learn a little something you head to St. Clement’s Island Museum. Right on the Potomac River, this museum is where you will find out how state of Maryland got its beginnings on March 25, 1634.

St. Clement's Island Museum
Blackistone • credit St. Marys County Museum Division

St. Clement’s Island Museum features the site of the original lighthouse, where the Blackistone Island Lighthouse now stands. You can also visit St. Clement island, now a state park, which is accessible by private boat or water taxi. On the island you will see a 40-foot cross as a memorial to those looking for religious toleration in the colonies, and the first Catholic mass given by Father Andrew White after their arrival.

In our effort to highlight all of the best museums in Maryland, we spoke with Christina Barbour, Site Manager at the St. Clement’s Island Museum to share what makes this museum special, why you should visit, and what you need to know before you go.

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Where is the St. Clement’s Island Museum located?

Location: St. Clement’s Island Museum, 38370 Point Breeze Rd, Coltons Point, MD 20626

What topics does the St. Clement’s Island Museum cover?

Our museum covers the first landing on St. Clement’s Island and the Blackistone Lighthouse, best known as the target of a Confederate raid in the Civil War.

What is your museum’s claim to fame?

“Maryland began here!”

What is your favorite exhibit or artifact in the museum?

My favorite spot in the museum is a mural titled “Landing on St. Clement’s Island” by George McWillliams.

What kinds of special exhibits and events do you host throughout the year?

The St. Clement’s Island Museum hosts local history exhibits featuring items in the museum collections, a Christmas Doll and Train Exhibit, and local artists exhibitions throughout the year.

St. Clement's Island Museum
SCI Museum • credit St. Marys County Museum Division

Are there guided tours available?

Guided tours are arranged with the Site Manager. Topics on our guided tours include Early Maryland history and the Blackistone Lighthouse.

How much time should someone plan to spend at the museum?

Guests should plan to spend about one hour at the museum. You should plan on at least two hours if you are visiting St. Clement’s Island too, which is highly recommended.

What should someone bring with them and what items are not allowed in the museum?

Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum.

Is photography allowed inside (without flash)?

Yes, photography is allowed.

St. Clement's Island Museum
SCI Museum • credit St. Marys County Museum Division

What should parents of young children know before visiting the museum?

Parents should bring water, bug spray and sunscreen. Children can visit the Charlotte Hall one-room schoolhouse on the museum grounds to see how students in early America were educated in decades past.

Families can also take a boat ride to St. Clement’s Island.

What’s the coolest item for sale in the gift shop?

A miniature replica of the Blackistone Lighthouse.

What should teachers planning a field trip know before reaching out to you?

Field trip groups can take a water taxi to visit St. Clement’s Island, as well as tour the museum.

What else should a visitor know before visiting?

If you are visiting St. Clement’s Island bring water, sunscreen and bug spray.

St. Clement's Island Museum
Water taxi • credit St. Marys County Museum Division

What are your normal days and hours of operation?

  • March 25 – October 31 open daily 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • November 1 – March 24 open daily noon – 4 p.m.

Is the museum accessible?


Does the museum have a bag check or coat room?

There is a coat room for guests to store things.

Is there parking available?


Is there an admission fee?

  • Adults $3
  • Seniors and Military $2
  • Students $1.50
  • Children 5 and younger are free.
  • Water Taxi transportation to St. Clement’s Island $7

The museum accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

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