How to Meet Talented Artists at Salve Regina Art Gallery

Washington, D.C. art galleries are a wealth of up-and-coming artists, along with established artists from around the world. One of our favorite things to do in D.C. is check out the local college and university galleries to stay up to date on what is happening in the art world. The Catholic University of America Salve Regina Art Gallery is perfect for a morning out, where you can also take in the campus sights.

In our effort to highlight all of the best museums in Washington, D.C, we talked with Peter Gribbin, Academic Specialist, CUA Department of Art at the Salve Regina Art Gallery on the Catholic University of America campus in Washington, D.C., to share what makes this gallery so special, why you should visit while on a trip to D.C., and what you need to know before you go.

Salve Regina Art Gallery, Catholic University of America

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Where is the Salve Regina Art Gallery located?

Location: Salve Regina Art Gallery, Catholic University of America, 620 Michigan Ave NE, Wash DC 20064

(right on the campus of The Catholic University of America)

What topics does the Salve Regina Art Gallery cover?

We have a mix of shows rotating between student shows and outside artists, providing something new throughout the year for visitors to enjoy.

What is your gallery’s claim to fame?

CUA’s Art Department was the training ground of Martin Puryear in the 1960’s. The department has had on its faculty renowned artists such as Kenneth Noland (who helped found the Washington Color School), John Winslow, Tom Nakashima, John Figura and Erik Sandberg amongst many others.

What is your favorite exhibit (past or present) at the gallery?

Erik Sandberg’s current piece, Charity (2020).

What kinds of special exhibits and events do you host throughout the year?

The CUA Art Department mounts three shows per semester, highlighting a mix of student work and outside artists.

Are there guided tours available?

There are no guided tours per se, but the department AA is always on hand and willing to show visitors through the gallery and studios.

How much time should someone plan to spend at the gallery?

We recommend about a half an hour.

What should someone bring with them and what items are not allowed in the galleru?

No eating or drinking is allowed in the gallery.

Is photography allowed inside (without flash)?

No personal photography is allowed, but professional photography for art reviews are encouraged.

What should parents of young children know before visiting the gallery?

The CUA campus adjacent to the gallery is a wonderful setting for an afternoon stroll. As well, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is located on the CUA campus.

Is there a gallery cafe or restaurant?

No, but Murphy’s Pub and the student cafeteria, both open to the public, are a five-minute walk from the gallery.

What should teachers planning a field trip know before reaching out to you?

The Salve Regina Gallery is small but has a rich collection of paintings and sculptures

What are your normal days and hours of operation?

The gallery is only open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Does the gallery have a bag check or coat room?


Is there parking available?

Yes, but parking permits must be obtained through the Office of Transportation and Parking on campus, via the website.

Is there an admission fee?

No. Admission is free and open to the public.

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