15+ Actually Delicious and Flavorful Gluten-Free Bakeries In DC

The world of gluten-free bakeries is slowly but surely expanding, making space in a very fast-moving culinary world that has finally embraced dairy-free and gluten-free sweets.

Washington DC is keeping up with the times, and after a few weeks of sampling some of the best gluten-free bakeries near me in DC, it’s safe to say I will be back for more despite not being full-time gluten-free.

gluten Free bakery in Washington DC

Gluten Free vs. Celiac Friendly Bakeries

While the demand for gluten-free baked goods is here to stay, not all gluten-free eaters eat the same way. For that reason, this article is broken down into two categories that will hopefully help simplify gluten-free eating in this brilliant culinary city.

Celiac Disease

The first section highlights a great group of dedicated gluten-free bakeries, cupcake shops and patisseries, meaning there is no risk of cross-contamination. This list is specifically intended for diners with very sensitive gluten or wheat allergies (like Celiac disease).

The second section includes Washington DC bakeries that have gluten-free options, but are not dedicated gluten-free facilities (and therefore risk possible cross-contamination).

I personally reached out to each of these establishments to gather all the information for you to evaluate and decide whether it suits your dietary needs.

Cross Contamination

I would caution that the main-stream bakeries (included in the second section) are the highest risk for cross-contamination. These bakeries try very hard to avoid cross-contamination and haven’t reported any issues (even with Celiac customers), but it is still worth noting that cross-contamination is possible.

I’ll include any extra details below to help you navigate. When in doubt, it’s always best to contact the gluten-free cake, cookie or pastry shop to ensure a safe and enjoyable eating experience.

gluten Free bakery in Washington DC

Celiac-Friendly, Gluten-Free Bakeries in DC

Rise Bakery

  • Address: 2409 18th Street NW, Washington DC, 20009
  • Telephone: (202)-525-5204
  • Dining Options: Delivery, pick-up, indoor ordering
  • Celiac Risk: Low

This small 100% gluten-free and Celiac-approved bakery is tucked in the bustling Adams Morgan neighborhood, just a few blocks from the very popular Meridian Hill Park. On a gorgeous day, I love to take a stroll through the park and then make my way over to 18th street to fill up on a few yummy pastries.

Rise Bakery was born out of a very personal demand for Celiac-safe gluten-free baked goods. After founder Mike Koritko was diagnosed with Celiac, he opened Rise Bakery in 2014 to fill a fast-growing demand for gluten-free (and Celiac-safe) desserts.

The storefront is open 7 days a week, and while the space is compact, the menu is expansive, featuring a selection of gluten free breads, pastries, bagels, cookies, and cakes. Despite being a committed gluten-free zone, eaters of all kinds are welcome to stop by for simply delicious sweet indulgences.

Happy Tart

  • Address: 410 South Maple Avenue Unit 110, Falls Church VA, 22046
  • Telephone: (571)-395-8280
  • Dining Options: Curbside pick-up only (call when you arrive)—They have an express ordering option (ready in 15-30 mins) and advance ordering (days in advance)
  • Celiac Risk: Low

Happy Tart is not technically in Washington DC, but the sheer brilliance of their gluten-free desserts is too special not to include.

I was skeptical about making the 30-minute drive from Capitol Hill to collect a goodie assortment, but moments after picking them up, the boxes were open to lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from all car passengers. When we finally sat down to try them all, every taster was blown away.

The ‘Opera cake’ and ‘Mocha bomb’ were divine and could easily have come from a French Patisserie. The pecan tart had the most crumbly, buttery and delicate pastry, with a caramelized pecan filling that was nothing short of addicting. Even the almond and raspberry petit four—with visually stunning distinct layers of cake, icing and jam—was out-of-this-world.

The entire menu of pastries, sweet and savory crepes, breads, pies, cookies, tarts and cakes is 100% gluten-free. It is a gluten-free dream that even gluten-eaters won’t stop thinking about.

Olivia Macaron in Washington DC

Olivia Macaron

  • Address: 3222 M Street NW, Washington DC, 20007
  • Telephone: (202)-965-1000
  • Dining Options: Delivery, Curbside pick-up
  • Celiac Risk: Low

French macarons took the country by storm over a decade ago, and while the craze has slowed down a bit, they are timelessly fashionable and incredibly delicious.

Naturally gluten-free, French macaron shells are made of almond flour, granulated sugar, confectioners’ sugar, and whipped egg whites. These few simple ingredients are masterfully manipulated to create the crisp, chewy cookie we’ve all grown to admire.

Unfortunately, for people with Celiac disease or other serious gluten allergies, French macarons are often produced in a facility with other glutenous products, risking the possibility of cross-contamination.

In steps Olivia Macaron with delicious and Celiac-safe French macaron cookies.

All of their macaron products/ingredients are gluten-free and therefore pose no risk of cross-contamination. The flavors are classic, with a hint of whimsical (hello fruity pebble macarons) and make the perfect gift for a gluten-free friend.

Bjorn’s Bakes

  • Address: Available in select DC stores
  • Website
  • Celiac Risk: Low

Bjorn’s Bakes is revolutionizing the gluten-free cookie game with an extensive selection of clever cookie flavors.

Founder Alex and his dog Bjorn don’t operate a storefront of their own quite yet, so for now you can order online or find their products in select DC stores (such as Pennsylvania Avenue’s Captain Cookie).

Sweet Crimes Bakery

  • Pick up location: Ice Cream Jubilee, 1407 T Street NW 
  • Telephone: 202-618-1515 (call to work out pick-up time)
  • Dining Options: Delivery and pick-up available, order on their website
  • Website: Currently no operating store-front, Capitol Hill store hopefully opening in 2021!
  • Celiac Risk: Low

Sweet Crimes Bakery is another can’t-miss, 100% gluten-free baking operation, delivering delicious sweet goodies citywide to sweets enthusiasts.

Sweet Crimes founder Catherine Lijinsky grew up in neighboring Maryland, but uses her experiences overseas to shape her baking identity and bring delicious and comforting GF items to other gluten-intolerant DC eaters.

She’s crafted a large menu of cookies, bars, breads, donuts, and cakes and ships select items nationwide.

A few personal favorites include the lemon bars, oatmeal raisin cookies, and critically acclaimed cinnamon sugar donuts. Sweet Crimes does not currently have a walk-in storefront, but both delivery and pick-up are available.

Willard Afternoon Tea Washington DC Christmas
credit Willard Intercontinental

Willard InterContinental Afternoon Tea in Peacock Alley

  • Address: 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20004
  • Telephone: 202-942-7000
  • Dining Options: Dine-in
  • Dates: High tea is available every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Celiac Risk: Low

High-tea is an eating experience like no other. Iconic three tiered stands— adorned with small cakes, pastries and tea sandwiches—bring a whole new level of refinement to any celebration or special event.

The Willard InterContinental offers a year-round gluten-free high tea menu at their Peacock Alley tea room. Their tea sandwiches are made with gluten-free bread and the pastry assortment is also gluten-free, including their infamous scones.

The staff at Peacock Alley serves all gluten-free items on separate tiered stands and are incredibly diligent when it comes to dealing with allergies and dietary restrictions. They recommend that you notify the hotel in advance of any specific allergy so the team can adequately prepare for your arrival.

NOTE: The GF scones have gluten-free certified wheat starch in addition to corn starch, buckwheat flour, and rice starch. While the use of gluten-free wheat starch is relatively new in the United States, research has shown that GF certified wheat starch is suitable for diners with Celiac disease.

For more information about gluten-free wheat starch, you can visit the Celiac Disease Foundation. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out directly to the Willard InterContinental.

District Donuts in Washington DC

Best Gluten-free Bakeries in DC

District Donut

  • Address:multiple locations
    • Barracks Row749 8th Street SE, Washington DC, 2000
    • Georgetown3327 Cady’s Alley NW, Washington DC, 2000
    • The Wharf5 Market Square NW, Washington DC, 2002
    • Union Market1309 5th Street NE, Washington DC, 20002
  • Dining Options: Delivery, Pre-order for pick-up, Take-out
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Donuts are the ultimate comfort food, and thanks to District Donut, even gluten-free diners can share in the quintessential all-American donut eating experience.

Every Friday, a new gluten-free donut family member is added to the long-standing menu as part of #GLUTENFREEFRIDAY.

If you head to the menu page on their website, you can stake out the gluten-free donut line-up and plan your Friday donut break weeks in advance.

NOTE: District Donut uses all gluten-free ingredients and separate utensils for their gluten-free donut production, but donuts are produced in the same kitchen with their glutenous counterparts.

No cross-contamination issues have been reported, but as always, it’s important to use all the information to make the best decision for yourself.

Baked and Wired

  • Address: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington DC, 20007
  • Telephone: (703)-663-8727
  • Dining Options: Takeout, delivery
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Georgetown is Washington DC’s unofficial cupcake hub, but Baked and Wired has a good system going, earning high praise from publications like the Washingtonian, Eater and Thrillist.

The elegant ‘cakecups’ are baked in a rustic parchment paper liner that accentuates the fluffy cake bottom and effortless frosting swirl on top.

The gorgeous sweets counter always has a GF ‘cakecup’ and a few other GF desserts (recent items include a DC cherry blossom themed GF cakecup and GF raspberry pop-tart).

Baked by Yael

  • Address: 3000 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20008 and select DC farmers markets
  • Telephone: (202)-234-9235
  • Dining Options: Curb-side pickup, delivery
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Right across from the National Zoo, Baked by Yael is serving up nut-free and kosher pastries and breads, with multiple vegan and gluten-free options also available.

When they opened in 2011, this small brick-and-mortar spot was pronounced DC’s first ‘cakepoppery’, although the menu goes way beyond cake pops. The rare find gluten-free black and white cookie is worth an order purely to satisfy a nostalgic New York cookie craving.

But if you walk away with any two items, order the blondie and GF chocolate cake-pop. Both rich, insanely fudgy and immensely satisfying.

Sticky Fingers

  • Address: 1370 Park Road NW, Washington DC, 20010
  • Telephone: (202)-299-9700
  • Dining Options: Take away, delivery
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Sticky Fingers Bakery made a city-wide splash when founder and owner Doran Petersan won Cupcake Wars on Food Network in 2012 with her all-vegan cupcakes.

Since then, vegans and non-vegans alike have flocked to Columbia Heights to sample her cupcakes, cookies, and sticky buns. The menu always hosts a few GF items such as a wheat-free vanilla, chocolate and mint cupcake or a wheat-free chocolate chip cookie.

If you’re feeling more savory, small and large bites can be made wheat-free upon request. 

Seylou Bakery and Mill

  • Address: 926 N Street NW, Suite A, Washington DC, 20001
  • Telephone: (202)-842-1122
  • Dining Options: Delivery, pick-up, walk-in ordering
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Seylou Bakery is one of a few food establishments housed in the secretive Blagdon Alley nook of Mount Vernon Square. All products, including the gluten free selection, are 100% whole grain with flours freshly milled just for their products.

Seylou Pastry Chef Charbel Abrache heads up all gluten-free pastry creation and production, highlighting naturally gluten-free grains like millet, sorghum, and buckwheat.

A few GF highlights include: millet chocolate chip cookies, sorghum and dark chocolate brownies, millet caneles, roasted squash and pecan coffee cake, buckwheat shortbread cookies, and sorghum tahini sesame cookies. 

gluten Free bakery in Washington DC

Red Velvet Cupcakery

  • Address:multiple locations
    • Glover Park—2340 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington DC, 20007 (202-347-7895)
    • Chevy Chase (inside Little Beast)—5600 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20015 (202-741-4599)
  • Dining Options: Pick-up, delivery, in-store shopping
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Red Velvet Cupcakery is by no means a gluten-free bakery. But if you’re in the neighborhood and craving something sweet, the GF black velvet or white velvet cupcake is sure to satisfy that sweet urge.

Sprinkles Bakery

  • Address: 3015 M Street NW, Washington DC, 20007
  • Telephone: (202)-450-1610
  • Dining Options: Curbside pick-up, deliver
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Like Red Velvet Cupcakery, Sprinkles Bakery is not specifically known for their gluten-free baked goods. But this Georgetown spot is doing gluten-free cupcakes the right way with a lemon blueberry and red velvet that are just as good, if not better, than a traditional gluten cupcake.

Sprinkles also offers a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that stands out from all others, with a uniquely soft and chewy texture and plenty of creamy chocolate chips.

Tatte Bakery and Cafe

  • Address:multiple locations
    • West End1200 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20036
    • Dupont Circle1301 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20036
  • Dining Options: Pick-up, delivery
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Tatte Bakery and Cafe may be a Massachusetts native, but word of their cookies and sweets has quickly spread cross-country, gaining this Boston-born bakery national recognition.

Washington DC is the one other lucky city to gain Tatte’s sweet presence.

For GF diners, Tatte Bakery has a separate gluten-free menu, with a selection of sandwiches, breakfast items, salads, morning treats, cakes, tarts, and other desserts. A quick glance at the menu and you too will feel compelled to order one of everything.

Jeni's Ice Cream in Virginia

Jeni’s Ice Cream

  • Address:multiple locations
    • Barracks Row– 526 8th Street NE, Washington DC, 20003 (202)-525-1093
    • 14th Street– 1925 14th Street NW, Washington DC, 20009 (202)-621-8625
  • Dining Options: Open to walk-in traffic (no indoor-dining tables/chairs), delivery, scheduled pick-up
  • Celiac Risk: Higher risk of cross-contamination

Summer is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing: ice cream season is right around the corner. While DC summers are notoriously hot AND humid, locals make the most of the oppressive heat with lots of air-conditioning, cold beverages, and frozen desserts.

Jeni’s Ice Cream was founded in Columbus Ohio in 2002, but has since opened locations all over the country, including two in Washington DC.

A surprising majority of the ice cream flavors are gluten free, with easily identifiable ‘GF’ descriptors on the written menu. The flavor selection is a brilliant mix of unique and comforting with options like ‘brown butter almond brittle’, ‘salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks’, ‘milkiest chocolate’ and ‘salty caramel’.

A few of their flavors like ‘gooey butter cake’ and ‘cookies and cream’ are secretly gluten-free too, although the flavors vary day to day and depend on the specific location.

The ‘coffee with cream and sugar’ is the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever had. Even better, all ice cream is Joe Biden approved.

NOTE: Gluten-free ice cream flavors are produced in the same kitchen with non-GF ice creams. The waffle cones are also not gluten-free, so be sure to tell your ice cream server to omit the cone.

O Earth Creamery and Bakehouse

O Earth Creamery and Bakehouse is another spot to keep a watchful eye on. They sold at Union Market and select DC farmers markets, featuring a menu of entirely gluten-free baked goods.

They are currently closed but are planning to reopen, hopefully in the coming months. They post reopening updates on their website, so feel free to check in periodically or subscribe to their newsletter for up-to-date information.

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