25 Enticing Reasons to Visit the Best DC Wine Bars

While the beer scene in Washington DC is well-established, wine tastings, gardens, and bars are surfacing at the same rate wine’s grain-based counterpart experienced years ago…an obligation on behalf of all wandering DC wine-enthusiasts.

DC Wine Bars

As grape-focused establishments continue to emerge, an enticing profile is already being put into motion with an emphasis on  charcuterie boards, blistered shishito peppers, and temperature-controlled bottles.

Quaint bistros, contemporary chic bars, and outdoor patio gardens are piloting a new wave of city-wide wine appreciation.

Mothers Day Wine and Cocktails in Washington DC

St. Vincent

  •  Address: 3212 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC

Wine gardens are breaking into beer garden territory and St. Vincent is doing it the right way. Pulling from Bacchanal Wine’s inspiration in New Orleans, the model at St. Vincent toes the line between casual and elegant, with wine bottles delivered in ice filled buckets and patio tables set up for charcuterie boards and wine glasses.

City Winery Washington DC

  • Address: 1350 Okie St NE, Washington, DC

City Winery is a New York transplant with a passion for wine and fabulous live music. The multi-level venue features event space, music stages, and wine bars.

District Winery in the Yards Washington DC Restaurants

District Winery

  • Address: 385 Water St SE, Washington, DC

Washington DC’s first ever commercial winery pulled up next to the Potomac River at the Navy Yard. Winemakers bring in grapes from all over the US and utilize their urban winery and creativity to produce innovative wines. The relaxing outdoor patio with water views is an added bonus.

Lulus Winegarden

  • Address: 1940 11th St NW, Washington, DC

Quoted as a ‘bottle-driven winegarden’, Lulus Winegarden houses three lush garden patios with Iberian blush-pink brick walls and dispersed plants. A 50-bottle affordable wine list and excitable finger-friendly dishes make leaving Lulus a real challenge.

Mintwood Place

  • Address: 1813 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC

A stunning bistro scene with a covered outdoor patio, French dining options, and wine by the bottle is the recipe for success at Mintwood Place. Indoor seating is met with wood-panel decor and intimate window nooks.

Washington DC Restaurants- Barcelona Wine Bar
credit Manny Vargas

Barcelona Wine Bar

  • Two locations: 14th Street & Cathedral Heights

Barcelona Wine Bar is bringing a little piece of Spain and South America to Washington DC with over 400 total wine selections from 70 different regions. Spanish tapas, chalkboard menus, and an open kitchen generate a true Spanish dining experience.

The Eastern

  •  Address: 360 7th St SE, Washington, DC

Capitol Hill’s The Eastern breaks down the wine menu into categories of personal preference for easy ordering. Charcuterie boards are best enjoyed al fresco on the sidewalk patio.

Maxwell Park

  • Two locations: Shaw &. Capitol Riverfront

Despite immense pride in temperature control for maximum flavor, Wine Enthusiast declared Maxwell Park “Not your typical buttoned-up wine bar”. The dining scene is casual and unfussy, with inventive ‘wine months’ that feature a new list of regional wines (like Balkan Wine Month).

No Kisses Bar

  • Address: 3120 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC

No Kisses Bar might be a cocktail bar first and foremost, but no-additive wine offerings make this Georgia Avenue spot worth mentioning. Order pizza for takeaway or delivery from sister restaurant Sonny’s Pizza.

Primrose Washington DC


  • Address: 3000 12th St NE, Washington, DC

Primrose has a spunkiness to it that sets it apart from other quaint French bistros. Pastel blues and feather-light features spotlight a glistening shelve of booze behind the bar.

La Jambe

  • Two locations: Shaw & Union Market

A brisk night on La Jambe’s bistro patio— slowly sipping wine and chatting while taking notice of the hustle and bustle of the Shaw neighborhood—is the only way to spend a leisurely weekend evening.

Pursuit Wine Bar & Kitchen

  • Address: 1025 H St NE, Washington, DC

As H Street Corridor’s only wine bar, Pursuit Wine draws sidewalk strollers in with tall floor-to-ceiling windows and a hopping outdoor patio. Join the Pursuit Wine Club monthly membership which bestows three wine bottles at $100 ($150 dollar retail value) and access to monthly Wine Tasting Events.

Flight Wine Bar

  • Address: 777 6th St NW, Washington, DC

Flight Wine Bar is a Chinatown treasure. The architecturally intriguing bar stores bottles from around the world and the kitchen turns out dishes from a thoughtful wine bar menu.

Jug & Table

  • Address: 2446 18th St NW 1st floor, Washington, DC

Move over beer, because Jug & Table is now imbibing locals with eight wines on tap in addition to wine by the bottle, beer, and cocktails. Charcuterie boards, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other snacks pair nicely with the wine assortment.

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