Baltimore Brewery Guide: Drinking Good In the Neighborhood

Welcome to your guide to the best breweries in Baltimore, broken down by the best neighborhoods in Baltimore! Whether you’re looking to do a mini brewery tour in the eclectic Hampden area, or you want to catch the next soccer game with a beer in hand, you’ve come to the right spot. 

Beer Flight

When thinking of the history of beer in Baltimore City, it is almost impossible to forget the legacy that the National Brewing Company left. 

If you live or visit Baltimore, it is impossible to forget, as the infamous “Mr. Boh” sign greets you in Brewers Hill. Craft breweries have since made their mark in the city, so here is your Baltimore brewery scene navigation guide:

Hampton Breweries

Union Craft Brewing

First off, we’ll start with the northern portion of Baltimore City, Hampden

Hampden’s brewery scene started back in 2012 when Union Craft Brewing opened its original location on Union Street, becoming well known for their Duckpin Pale Ale. 

Following Union, a few more breweries have opened, each with its own unique beer collection.

Union Collective

What started out as a smaller brewery on Union Street has now transformed into a Baltimore hotspot–  Union Collective. The Collective is the new home of Union, as of a few years ago. 

This new property has a massive taproom and an inviting outdoor area, equipped with a beautiful mural for the perfect backsplash on your next Instagram post. Not only is Union Collective home to this great brewery, but also has local attractions, such as a rock climbing gym, a coffee shop and an ice cream factory. 

Make sure to put Union Craft Brewing at the top of your list for your next all-inclusive outing.

Waverly Brewing

Tucked away under the infamous Pepsi sign along Interstate 83, you’ll find Waverly Brewing. From oyster stouts to frozen beer slushies, Waverly has it all. 

n the taproom, the intimate bar allows for a one on one experience with the beer tender. Outside, strung lights and picnic tables allow for the perfect outdoor hangout. 

Additionally, you can order and have delivered any food craving straight to the brewery! Keep Waverly Brewing in mind as you look for your next relaxing hangout. 

Nepenthe Brewing Co.

The third brewery in the Hampden neighborhood, Nepenthe Brewing Co., is a must hit location if you are in Baltimore City. 

The industrial style, exposed brick oasis is the place to come if you are looking for the full food and beer package. Well known for their milkshake IPA’s and their revolving weekly burger and cocktail specials, Nepenthe is the real deal. 

Be sure to brush up on your trivia skills as they host trivia weekly on Wednesday nights! 

Waverly Breweries

Peabody Heights Brewery

The up-and-coming neighborhood of Waverly is currently home to one local brewery full of history, the Peabody Heights Brewery

Once known as the baseball stadium Terrapin Park, the walls of Peabody Heights hold many stories from the past that want to be told. 

Famous for the Mr. Trash Wheel sour, there is a large variety of brews to choose from. With a large taproom and an outdoor area where you can imagine the home runs that were once hit, it’s impossible to not enjoy yourself. 

Who knows, your favorite local food truck may also be there when you go to grab a beer!

Breweries in Guilford

Guilford Hall Brewery

Guilford Hall Brewery is the newest addition to Baltimore’s brewery scene. Located in the Guilford neighborhood, Guilford Hall offers authentic beers based on different European countries. 

After you get your liter of beer from the indoor area, you are transported internationally as you walk through an alley filled with flags from different countries and tables to sit at. Walk around the corner, and you are greeted with almost any yard game imaginable. 

Make sure to come thirsty as most beers are available in one-liter German beer mugs. 

Mount Vernon Breweries

Brewer’s Art

Brewer’s Art, located in Mount Vernon, is a food establishment that brews their own beer. When you arrive at Brewer’s Art, you can either go upstairs to the main dining room to enjoy their beer with dinner, or head to the basement, where a cave-like feeling awaits you. 

A classic beer to try here is their brown ale, Resurrection, but more recently you can support the penguins at the Baltimore Zoo by getting their Penguin Pils. 

Breweries in Upper Fells Point

Ministry of Brewing 

Ministry of Brewing is one of the newer breweries in Baltimore, located in Upper Fells Point. To say this brewery is unique is an understatement. 

This location used to be St. Michael’s Church, but has since been converted to a brewery and taproom. You can find stained-glass taps, reclaimed pews for seating and an altar like no other.

In addition to phenomenal pours, you can indulge in house-made sodas. Make sure to stop here next time you’re looking to visit church on a Sunday!

Highlandtown Breweries

Monument City Brewing Company

Monument City Brewing Company, located in Highlandtown, in a converted industrial building is home to one of the city’s most famous dog-friendly breweries in Baltimore. 

Dogs are allowed in the taproom, as well as the beautiful outdoor area. Spend your summer Friday nights here as you enjoy a delicious ale, along with some live music.

Breweries in Brewers Hill

Mobtown Brewing Company

Another brewery in the eastern portion of Baltimore to check out is Mobtown Brewing Company, located in Brewers Hill. Mobtown is on a mission to bring breweries back to Brewers Hill, and they’re doing a heck of a job doing so. 

A flight may be the best option here as there are almost too many beers to choose from. Be on the lookout for awesome events hosted here, such as yoga and bagel brunches!

Locust Point Breweries

Diamondback Brewing Company

If you find yourself in Baltimore’s Locust Point area, then you must pay a visit to Diamondback Brewing Company. This brewery is well known as a host for all of your soccer game needs, and you’re likely to stay for the entire match as the round-about indoor bar pulls you in immediately. 

On warm days, the garage door opens up to a magnificent outdoor area, equipped with comfortable couches and speakers to enjoy music. 

If you do visit Diamondback, make sure you greet the brewery cat, Inky.

Breweries in Pigtown

Suspended Brewing Company 

Suspended Brewing Company is in the Pigtown neighborhood. This is a smaller brewery, but it can pack a punch! 

Using specialty ingredients that may not be in your typical beer is what Suspended is best at. If you find yourself craving Suspended Brewing’s beer, but are not in Pigtown, have no fear as they have a booth in Hampden’s Whitehall Market!

South Baltimore Breweries

Checkerspot Brewing Company

Last but not least, Checkerspot Brewing Company is a brewery in South Baltimore, led by owners who began their beer journey drinking Natty Boh, but longed for something more flavorful. 

Their beer journey led them to Baltimore, where they have opened up a quaint spot to enjoy a pint with friends!  Whether you are looking for trivia, bingo or an open mic night to go along with your beer, Checkerspot Brewing Company does it all.

More Breweries in Baltimore

  • Duclaw Brewing Co.
  • Full Tilt Brewing
  • Guinness open Gate Brewery
  • Heavy Seas Beer
  • Oliver Brewing
  • Wet City Brewing

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