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Best Outdoor Movie Theaters and Drive-ins

When you want to see an outdoor movie, you have a few options.

A Few Types of Outdoor Movies

• Drive-in Movies • Movies in the Park • Movies on the Beach • Outdoor Film Festivals

Should you bring your own snacks to an outdoor movie? Well... it depends. 

Outdoor Movie Food Rules

Some outdoor movie venues don't allow food, while other let you bring in a picnic. You must check with the venue first.

Can you watch outdoor movies close to D.C.?

There are loads of outdoor movie venues and even a drive-in movie theater within a short drive of Washington, D.C.

Movies options outside of D.C.

What should you bring with you to an outdoor movie theater? 

It's simple

• Blanket or warmer layer if it gets chilly.  • Lawn chair or blanket to sit on.  • Snacks, if allowed.  • Water to stay hydrated.  • Friends or family to enjoy the film with.

Outdoor Films in Maryland

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